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Rules of dogging

No matter what ALWAYS use condoms. Buy a box share them around if other men come empty handed
Just because some one looks clean doesn’t always mean they are! They could have an STD for all we know!
Wives tend to not use condoms with hubby, This isn’t a green light for you to try to shag her bareback, Just stick something on the end of it!
The best invention ever is lube I always use this with my dogging partners, Makes it comfortable all aound :)
Ladies always take things slow and know your limits, Dont be shy when telling some one to back off if you don’t want them to join you.
Couples this one is for you. Always talk to your partner ahead of time about what you plan to do and what the ground rules will be and make sure you have a safe word signal to use f you feel the

urge to get yourselves out of a situation you don’t feel comfortable in.

Personal Safety
Use common sense and caution when meeting random strangers online.
Never ever give out personal information on yourselves to people you have just met.
Always arrange meets away from very public places, A place you know really good is always the best option
Be familiar with your location, know the exits and so on.
Avoid getting ambushed or mobbed. Don’t announce the exact time and place of a dogging meet on an online bulletin board or forum.
Steer clear of well known places such as red light districts
Secure all your valuables at all times.

General rules
Never just go and wander around looking into people’s cars unless their headlights have been flashed or their interior light is on.( Know the dogging signals)
Make sure you clean up any mess you have!
Give clear signals to all contacts and let them know just what you are there for.

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